An exciting new project!

Taking on an old property is both exciting and daunting. Most buyers already know the extent of the work required to bring the property to the buyers accepting standard.

Some are lucky enough to have a budget that allows them to employ builders and interior designers to carry out the works for them, but many do not and have to direct limited funds only towards statutory professional help, such as electricians & gas fitters – don’t even think of cutting corners here – it can only end in tears – or more appropriately, flames. You do not want to see your money & time literally go up in smoke!

Doing it yourself on a limited budget however, does have the added advantages of giving you time to figure out what it is exactly you want your property to be and a feel for how you want it to look.

I often read articles where homeowners have had to endure builders for 6 whole months etc before be able to put their stamp on the place – I don’t say that with forked tongue – good luck to them. The reality for many however, is living in a hell hole for years on end while they juggle family and jobs at the same time and having been through that, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

We undertook most of the work ourselves, apart from the re-wiring, new first fix plumbing, central heating and gypsum plastering. It did indeed take years, but during that time, we gained a greater appreciation for the house, it’s history and how we use the building as a family.

Just because the current trend is knocking it all through, doesn’t mean you have to follow suit, unless that works better for you and the building can withstand it over time. I truly believe we are only participants in the history of the building and should be mindful of what suits it.

That shouldn’t detract from the fact that it is an exciting new project and whether you are a first timer or an old timer, you will always learn something new from the challenges that you will face. Enjoy!