The Club Chair

My parents are retired and have recently started a new hobby. That is looking out for interesting pieces for me to work on!

Shortly after I began trading, they turned up one morning with a trailer full of chairs! When I say trailer full, they were packed into the car pulling it as well and I think we counted about 15 of them!

I love their new hobby and I can’t put into words my excitement when they present me with goods – especially that massive haul!

Amongst it was an antique club chair. My Dad unloaded it and his first words were “don’t worry if you don’t want this one”, probably expecting me to turn my nose up at it. I was presented with a damp, broken an unloved arm chair and I immediately fell in love with it…

I stripped the chair of it’s un-fetching coverings and undid some previous strange repair jobs (tongue & groove bottom instead of webbing?). Surprisingly, the original horse hair was in really good condition, so I managed to retain it. Between us, Hubbie and I tackled the repairs together and as usual, I ummmed and ahhhhed about painting it or French polishing, but due to the faded appearance of the wood, I ached to give it a shabbied paint appearance. Those that know my work, know that I don’t generally do a lot of shabby finishes, but I felt it would work with this piece.

Next, I gave it 3 coats of paint, sanded it back hard on the raised profiles and finished with a heavy clear Wax. The result is butter smooth paintwork, reminiscent of years of wear and I love it!

Finally, I replaced the sewn hessian lining and installed webbing and a new foam seat. I had some fire retardant upholstery fabric in natural colours that I thought would work well and finished with a hessian gimp braid.

Needless to say, this, now gorgeous little chair has not yet made it to the showroom…..