The folk art corner cabinet

I last posted shortly after I started my long dreamed of vintage business in December 2015.

Promising to blog more in the new year, I instead turned my attention to the new stock that I had acquired over the winter period and in particular, an old folk art corner unit. The unit was in a pitiful condition and its back was rotten. It had a charm that drew me to it and I knew I could make it lovely again.

I took off it’s broken glazed upper doors to reveal lovely shaped shelves that shouted to be revealed. We then ( or rather, Hubbie) took off the back panels and replaced them with fresh tongue & groove panelling.

The frame had layers of thick brown varnish and the shelves gloss paint. Using Home Strip paint stripper, I carefully scraped off every layer and sanded. The lower doors revealed original stencilling, which I was unable to save, so I traced a copy of it.

The cornice was broken and had come away, so I repaired and modified it, before stripping and re-attaching.

I toyed with the idea of keeping it natural and waxed, but I yearned to give it a fresh new paint job and so that is what I did. I painted the outside in Frenchic Wedgwood Green with a co-ordinated lighter colour on the shelves. I then had a stencil lazer cut and painted it back on the lower doors in the lighter colour.

The lower doors didn’t have any knobs, so I found a pair of wooden ones in my stash and painted those in the lighter colour also.

A light distressed finish and a thorough wax finished the project.

This large corner unit is now a beauty waiting to grace your home!