About Vintage Home Living

Shop front Feb 16
Vintage Home Living originally began as a blog alongside my hobbies.

An extensive house renovation, rekindled my love for doing up furniture which I dreamed would one day materialise into a business and in 2015 I made that dream come true.

I refinish furniture in my workshop in Penzance, producing items for sale and carry out much commission work. Customers bring their cherished pieces for a make over to compliment their home decor. Often pieces are family heirlooms they can’t bear to part with, but equally are struggling to live with in their current finish – often dark brown varnished hardwood. Items are repaired and/or treated for insect infestation if required and I can carry out basic upholstery.

Please refer to my portfolio for the gallery of finished items.

The products I use are environmentally friendly, from the water based paint stripper, chalk or clay paint through to the water based varnish and supply these products too.

I also make soy wax candles in vintage containers, such as jelly moulds and provide a wax filling service.

Current furniture items for sale are posted on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/vintagehomelive/ 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for advice on any of my products or services!